Tweet up!

I’ve grown accustomed to hanging out with the social media crew of Miami.  They are a nice bunch of people I’m lucky to consider friends and for this I am grateful.

Today was the last tweet up of the year and it took place at Monty’s of South Beach.

Because all the usual suspects were going (ie- my friends) I thought it was important that Hugh and I went.  I won’t lie, today was a shitty day in a number of different levels and I even stood up someone I hadn’t seen in a really long time in order to go.  Still, I am glad that we went.  If only for the food.

And I was hungry.

This year I gained 30 pounds. I know, it is a ridiculous amount and I should be ashamed of myself. BUT I do have a damn good excuse and it starts with a cramp and it ends in an operating room immediately followed by a 3 month recovery.  Good stuff.

Anyway, yesterday I had my first appointment with the doctor who is going to help me shed the weight and today I started my diet.  This wouldn’t have been a problem if I hadn’t actually lost the paper with the paper with the instructions so today I went by what I remembered and so by the time we got to Monty’s at 6pm I was so hungry I could have eaten just about anyone’s arm.

But I didn’t. I had blackened tilapia instead.

Anyway, Hugh doesn’t really like tweet ups. Quite frankly, I understand that he is above and beyond all that, if only professionally. But they are my friends and the social media world is one that I consider to be home.  One that has always been good to me and where I have found the colorful details that make my life entertaining.

But we went.

We went because our relationship is one that is mutually supportive and mutually inclusive. We also went because we have the really bad habit of showing off how much into each other we are. It’s a shitty motive, I know. Sue me.

And we had a great time.  Despite the fact that all I’ve had to eat today was an egg, a piece of tilapia and 4 vodka sodas, I was filled with love and with the happiness that comes when you share with friends good news.  In this case that I’m now officially a Causeway girl. It’s something everyone knew was coming but that seemed kinda far away.

I loved that everyone shared in our happiness. An accidental happiness because it wasn’t meant to happen so soon and under these conditions but something that fills me with great joy. Because (don’t tell him) but I think he is the one.

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