It’s just a jump to the left.

...for tomorrow we die.

Of all the weird little traditions Hugh and I have started in the time we have been together,   the ones I like most are the ones that revolve around food.  I didn’t think about it much before I embarked on the fantabulous adventure that is the skinny bitch project, but these days, since food requires more thought and preparation it has taken center stage.

Dieting sucks.  It does.

My relationship with Hugh started with meeting for Starbucks every morning.  As we started spending more time together, we started to build our life around what our eating entailed and it has become an elaborate system of which we are both part of. In defense of this system, our eating has also become more elaborate because we have decided to lead an extremely nutritious life.

In any case, we go to the market together. We cook together. We eat together.

And we always do this.

We each have a part in each process and this gives each of us responsibility over the outcome which ultimately gives us an equal amount of credit over the end result. This time also gives us the opportunity to just hang out. From the time we spend deciding what to eat to the time when we are loading the dishwasher, our meal times are times when we get to set the tone for the day and also wind it down.

People think that we spend every waking moment together but the reality is that between our workdays and his travel schedule, our time together is pretty limited so there isn’t very much time to sink up and get on the same page. Our eating habits afford us this opportunity.

Tonight our evening ended with a very healthy turkey breast, and a side of spinach and mushrooms.  Happy show tunes were playing on the background.  Sadly though, I couldn’t teach him how to do the time warp.

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