Sunday secrets…


I love postsecret.

Not a Sunday goes by that I don’t sit down with my cup of coffee to read secrets.

Art is a pretty subjective thing. All it has to do to qualify as good is move you. I read once that postsecret was intended to be an art project. I think that if that was really the case, it has become the greatest art project ever.

I don’t remember how I found out about the blog. I do remember how it slowly became the most important part of my Sunday. It spoke to me. Some of the postcards expressed emotions I myself had never been able to articulate and it gave me hope.

When they first released the app, since I don’t have an iPhone and at the time I didn’t have an iPad, I remember asking Hugh to download the app to his phone. It was like a whole new world! New secrets of the every day being posted all the time. Needless to say, the day I got my iPad that was the first app I bought. Granted, the secrets were not as beautiful as far as design but there was always one that moved me or made me feel grateful or made me feel something.

In the world we live in is hard to find expressed in a few words something that could cause an outburst of emotion in the way some of these secrets did. For the secrets in the app, the fact that they were more likely to be of the every day, it gave them all that much more importance.

A few weeks ago the app was shut down.

I feel this has been a tremendous loss. At least for me. If I still do sit down with my cup of coffee every Sunday to read the secrets posted on the blog, I miss all the other secrets I would have read throughout the day every day. They were a constant reminder that there is always more than meets the eye. That things do get better but that they could be much worse.

I don’t believe that Frank Warren knew what postsecret would turn into when he started this project but what he has done has definitely changed the way I see the world. So I thank him.

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