Softness Worth Sharing

I am sick.

I am so sick, I can’t even describe how sick I am.

My head hurts. My body hurts. My insides feel like they are burning and my nose has taken a strong resemblance to Rudolph’s.

Seems like my daily Airborne and multi-vitamin cocktail has failed me.  Boo. It had been a while since I felt like this and the worst part is that I feel like I am getting worse and worse by the second.

But in any case, on Sunday while I was clipping the coupons in the paper to keep myself from stabbing myself with a butter knife and removing my own uterus, I found a coupon for a dollar off for these tissues that happened to be on sale at Walgreens this week for like $1.79.

We did need tissues, so yesterday when I started feeling sick I went to Walgreens on a TheraFluAirborne-tissues run and I bought them as a .79 cent experiment.


Dear Kleenex Cool Touch™ : I LOVE YOU.

Whenever I get sick, I have to be careful of the kind of tissues I use. One of the highlights of my cold/flu experiences is a cold sore. However, unlike everyone else in the world who gets cold sores, I don’t get mine on my lips.  I get mine on my nose.

For me, a tissue can be the difference between mild discomfort and actual pain.

These tissues are so incredibly soothing it is ridiculous. They feel so soft and cool against my skin that I’m not even scared of them anymore. I love them. I do. I am so glad I bought them that I would even pay retail price for them!

The fact is that I don’t like to try items with names that sound sketchy.  I also don’t like to try items from brands I don’t recognize.  There is something comforting about recognizing names, shapes, and colors without having to wonder what they are.

This is one of the reasons I am a horrible couponer: If I don’t already use the product, 99% of the time I won’t clip the coupon.  Cool Touch was saved by the name Kleenex.

Anyway, I am gonna go take some meds and cuddle with my tissues now. Just as an FYI, me raving about this product is actually a heartfelt endorsement.  Nobody asked me to write about it or gave me anything to do so.

Oh and if you click on the links for the meds, you will find coupons for them.
You are welcome.

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