My right to exist

I am tired of nonsense like Planned Parenthood losing financial backing from the Susan G. Komen foundation because of abortion politics.

I am tired of stupid people like Santorum thinking that there should be a bright side to rape if you get pregnant.

I am tired of people calling out girls who sue public schools that hang prayers in the hallways “evil little girls”.

I am tired of religious groups thinking they can control my reproductive organs and sex drive.

I am tired of women’s rights to choose what to with their own bodies being an electoral platform.

I am tired of having to explain to people that despite what dollar bills say, this country was built on the separation of church and state.

(don’t believe me, read the constitution)

I am tired of people telling me what to do with my pro-life for myself, pro-choice for humanity body.

I sometimes think people forget about what’s important. I also think that the more we advance, the more we try to go backwards. What is this? It seems like we are on a full out war against women. Let’s remember that women lead the majority of households in this country. Women are the majority in the world. Sadly though, women are the most underrepresented. Still, women hold the key to a prosperous world.

A good leader won’t tell me what to do with my body or whether or not I should pray. A good leader will give me the tools to prosper and trust my wisdom and education (because women hold on average higher degrees in this country than men) to make decisions for myself and my family.

Ultimately, a good leader will exercise common sense. Not the sense given to them by a scripture of some higher power, but the one that will come from open minded experience. It is 2012 and yet our values as a society are shifting to the dark ages.

To give rights that exceed the rights of our citizens and deprive those same citizens of the healthcare they should rightfully have merely over politics, is a crime against humanity and even God. Because I know that if God exists, (s)he would trust my sense of right and wrong and give me wisdom to dictate what’s right for me before anyone else can decide what I should do with my body and where I go to get the care I can afford- especially a human of the male species.

I look towards the future bright eyed and bushy tailed, but it saddens me to think that my healthcare choices and ability to choose is undermined by politics. The politics of men.

(and here men means ‘males’)

I would like a man who has to bleed for a week and cramp and feel what I go through every single month to be the one who understands why birth control pills are our friends. I would like Susan G. Komen to know that for some, Planned Parenthood is the only affordable healthcare way there is to check for those maladies some of us run and raise money for each year.

We are women. Not dolls.

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2 Responses to My right to exist

  1. Preach on, sister! No, but really, it’s astounding how backwards so many people are in their thinking. Let’s hope our next president (whether it be the one we’ve still got or another) and other elected officials are on the same page about this issue. Had a rude “friend” comment to me recently about how I shouldn’t be anti-Ron Paul because there were more important things than “what goes on in my vagina.” Obviously, this “friend” has no vagina of his own to begin with and I would caution all ladies to stay away from any man who seems to feel this same way.

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