On women’s day…

This morning I sent out a tweet that I intended to be my sole acknowledgement and commentary regarding women’s day. It said: “Every day should be women’s day.”

As I sat on the steps near the Alamo and caught up with today’s news, I started to feel like I was failing my kind by not making a clearer and stronger statement regarding women’s day, which should be every day but isn’t.

Generations of women who came before us fought to ensure that their daughters would have the right to be educated, to own land, to vote, to have control over their bodies, to be able to work and make a living comparable to that of a man.

In this day and age, even as we increasingly become breadwinners, heads of households, the more educated of the sexes, fight in wars, we are still underpaid in comparison to men, and once again we are fighting the battles generations of women before us had already settled.

Men want to control our reproductive health, the church and the government want to dictate our behavior using conscience and morality as an excuse, lawmakers want to revoke decisions already made, we are disproportionately taxed, discriminated against in healthcare, and as if that wasn’t enough, being independent, empowered, and demanding equal rights buys you the label of a whore, a slut, and a prostitute.

It is a wonderful time to to be a woman but an unfortunate time as well.

I would like to live in a world where I am treated fairly and don’t have to worry about raising a daughter with fewer rights than I have had. I do know that women’s day is intended to be an international awareness day and there are women who are suffering worse fates than ours and our attention has to be focused to them too.

But charity begins at home.

Today i would like to bring attention to the fact that the women who came before us fought to get us we are and by not continuing the fight and taking an active role in our future, we are diminishing their sacrifice and making the future of our daughters bleak.

I want to invite women to continue the fight.

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2 Responses to On women’s day…

  1. Sadellie says:

    Preach on sister! But lets definitely celebrate how amazing we are. There will always be room for improvement but we gotta sip from that half full cup of water, instead of drowning in it.

  2. PL Holden says:

    It’s true that women are still treated as unequal. I was reading a book called “The Guy’s Guide to Feminism” & when you really think about it (as a guy) expecting women to be treated as second class citizens makes men look like absolute idiots.

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