Sushi for thought

A few days ago, Hugh and I went to the movies to see Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a documentary about Jiro Ono who is arguably the greatest sushi chef alive.

The documentary, was a testimony of vocation, inspiration, and drive.  Hugh saw it from Jiro’s perspective and to him, it was a lesson on mastering one’s skills.  For me, seeing it from Jiro’s sons’ perspectives, it was more about legacies and how they affect the person you are meant to be regardless of whether you follow your passions or merely tradition.

The fact is this is a film that will definitely give you sushi for thought.

As I think now of the children I’d like to have one day, I wonder if I would be the kind of parent who would ask that they follow in my footsteps knowing that the bar has been set so high, or if they wanted to follow those footsteps, if I would tone it down to let them excel. …

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3 Responses to Sushi for thought

  1. Annush, that looks interesting. Have you guys been to NAOE? Arguably Miami’s best sushi chef. Watching him prepare the food is like witnessing an exquisitely choreographed ballet.

  2. Olumide says:

    When I first read this, I remembered my Romanian lauangge teacher telling us that our lauangge has some very unique words, and in the end, the one she gave as an example is actually the exact meaning of saudade’ : dor’ used in songs and poetry and so many literature examples up to common speech.What I do like about saudade, is the phonetics (I’ve heard it a lot in Brazilian soaps back home) I love how Portuguese sounds

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