My lucky day.

For most of my life April 9 has been a very important day for me.

It all started 17 months after I was born.  On that lucky 4/9, the reciprocal of my 9/4 birthday, I met the person I have loved the longest outside of my parents. He who has always been my best friend in the world- my brother Ivan.

Naturally, I don’t remember that day but I know that I was never the same after that.

I have loved my brother every day for 31 years and not for one second have I not been awed by what an amazing person he is and been grateful for the struck of good luck that has been having him as a brother.

Today is his birthday and I celebrate this day that was a gift life gave to me.

This year April 9 also has additional significance because last year on this day I got another struck of good luck.  It was a year ago today that Hugh entered my life and changed it. That day was the beginning of an amazing story that I hope won’t ever end.

One lucky thing happening on a random day is a coincidence.
Two lucky things happening the same day is a sign.

April 9 is my lucky day.

Happy birthday Ivan.
Happy anniversary schatzi.

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