Food Bloggers Bake Sale

A lot of people are under the impression that I am a food blogger, which I am actually not. I am merely a blogger who really likes to cook and bake.

Still, I love that there are some out there who think I belong to this community of super talented foodies and chefs because if nothing else,  it validates my belief that healthy home cooked meals are that much more important than the fancy restaurant ones.

It was in this spirit that I agreed to join some of Miami’s Food Bloggers, food writers, and chefs at the Food Blogger Bake Sale this past Saturday. It was a good cause that I thought would give me the opportunity to create yummy non-traditional treats (ie- gluten-free, vegan, sugar free).

And I’m not gonna’ lie. I was also very excited to meet the faces behind some great blogs like Fatgirl Hedonist, Miami Dish, Food Atick, and many more!

I know from first hand experience that people with special dietary needs tend to be overlooked in bake sales and such so I wanted to be the change I’d like to see in the world 🙂

With the help of my BFF, the lovely Chef Pandita, I made date-nut bars, gluten-free brownies and sugar-free oatmeal cookies that were later jokingly marketed as “GapingVoid Cookies” and “Inspire Bars”.

I was glad to see that my baked goods were a success because just as I had suspected, there were not very many offerings for those with dietary restrictions, and also because there was some stiff competition.  The fact is that these ladies can really bake!  WOW!

Not only were the baked goods I had the opportunity to try absolutely gorgeous, they also tasted amazing. I am confident that our customers were very satisfied with their purchases 🙂

The bake sale was for a very good cause and I was happy to see how people found their way to the South Miami Farmer’s Market even despite the rain. Renee Joslyn of Freakin’ Flamingo, our team captain, said that we had raised over $1,000 more than we did last year.

I am very happy I had the opportunity to participate.  For me it is super important to not only be an active part of my community but to find ways to give back.  The fact is that we are very lucky people and we should be appreciative and use our talents, time, and influence for the greater good.

Have you done something to help someone else lately?

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4 Responses to Food Bloggers Bake Sale

  1. Cookie Monster says:

    Have you done something to help someone else lately? Yes I gave u my support !!!!! $$$$$$ #JerseyPeeps

  2. cljahn says:

    If you’re making GF goodies for these bake sales, I will make sure to get to the next one.

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