No news is good news.

I love to read the news.  The problem with the news is that very rarely do they actually have good news.  It’s really quite upsetting, yet incredibly addictive at the same time.  Lately I’ve been sick so between the headaches and the nausea,  I’ve spent a lot of time in bed with only the internet to keep me company…

Let me just say that between Akin’s comments on “legitimate rape”, the girl with the anal tattoo, cows being fed candy, and the possibility of a constitutional amendment banning abortion, I have to wonder about the state of our country.  It’s as if madness is taking over.

On the upside though, at least I can count on blogs and people’s individual success/happy/inspiring stories to make me smile.  One of my favorite blogs lately is Glitter and Lazer’s.  During SXSW (back when she was still eating queso) I had the chance to meet and hang out with Anna, the female part of this duo, and I loved her. I find her posts refreshingly honest.

I also like to read Nikki G, the blissful wife.  We met during Social Media Day a few months back and she is as much of a delight in person as she is in her blog.  During those times when I feel like I need to read something introspective and zen, I go there.

And then, of course, when all that fails I can either grab my kindle or one of those cooking magazines that make so happy.  Lately I’ve been reading Fine Cooking: Summer Eats (again). There are so many things that I want to make from there!!! For now though, I will leave you with this link. I look forward to having that as soon as I am not afraid to eat again 🙂

Until then!


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