Social Good Summit: What do you want the future to look like?

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What type of world do I want to live in by the year 2030?

That’s the question we are asking this year during this two day conference held during U.N. and Social Media Week, on September 22-23, that aims to examine the impact of technology and new media on social good initiatives locally, and by extension globally.

I’ve actually been thinking a lot about the future and how I can make it better on a personal level for everyone around me- particularly my community.  It’s this thought that’s been the driving force behind many of the changes I’ve been making in my life and the greater interest I have in being involved in my community.

My involvement in this conference this year is solely on a volunteer basis. However, Hugh and many of the community-minded thought leaders in our community will be taking the stage here in Miami to discuss technology as a means of social good and hopefully provide some insight as to what can be done.

If you’d like to be a part of it but can’t join us here in Miami, there is also a conference going on simultaneously in New York, as well as multiple meetups around the world.  If you want more information, just click here.

Remember, we must be the change we wanna see…and to achieve this, we must get involved and continue having these important conversations. Only then will we make the world a better place.

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