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Let’s hang out!

Life is hard. Relationships are hard. Distance is hard. Yesterday I spent the entire day flying across the country to spend some time with Hugh. I had barely seen him in the past month and so I’m in San Diego … Continue reading

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Annush in the desert…

The first time I came to Texas will be a year ago this March. Back then, I was shocked and amazed by how cold it was.  It never occurred to me that the temperature could drop so drastically in the … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan is no Impressionist…

I think I have developed a crush on Mckayla Maroney and her smirk. Needless to say, McKayla is Not Impressed has become as important in my life as Texts from Hillary once was.  Before I get any shit from the copyright … Continue reading

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on being fashionable and fat…

Despite my lack of interest in fashion as of late, I have always been a fashion enthusiast.  I do have to admit though that it is far easier to be a fan of fashion, when you can fit in sample … Continue reading

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Medical tourism

It feels like it’s been a long time since the last time I posted anything here and yet, it hasn’t even been two weeks… I need to chill out… I was in Dominican Republic all of last week. Although I … Continue reading

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Everything is bigger in Texas.

It has taken me a few days to regroup and wrap my head around everything that happened while I was in good old Texas.  Hugh says I was traumatized.  According to him, I was more than a round peg in … Continue reading

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Greetings from Austin!

It has been two weeks since Hugh and I embarked on our Texan adventure. I am exhausted. But more than exhausted, I am very happy. Despite the set backs in the first part of our trip, everything else has been … Continue reading

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Where the heart is…

Greetings from Alpine, TX! It is day 3 of our Texan adventure and having already gotten over my initial culture shock and stolen my very first Foursquare mayorship, it seems like a good time to share my thoughts of the … Continue reading

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The Simple Life

People underestimate the importance of a well balanced diet. I know that during the time I spent on the skinny bitch project, I did and as we all know, my health took a serious hit for it. All I have … Continue reading

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