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Obsessed with Dexter but still cooking!

I’ve neglected the blog for nearly a week. I am sorry.  I had a week filled with writing assignments, unplanned dinner parties, out of town guests that made me so happy, and watching Dexter so keeping up with the blog … Continue reading

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Home Economics: Coupons and bulk items.

I am obsessed with couponing. Every weekend I collect my coupons, clip them, organize them and cross check them against the weekly circulars like it’s my job. Then I make a list of what am I buying where and when … Continue reading

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I feel green…

Today I woke up feeling a bit green. I don’t mean envious or even sick. I woke up feeling like I needed some good wholesome greens.  Imagine my disappointment when I asked Hugh what he wanted for dinner and he said “jalapenos”, … Continue reading

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Good Friday, fun Friday!

For a Friday, today has been very low key.  I suppose that the fact that it is Good Friday/ First day of Passover may have something to do with it; still, it feels as if the world is moving in … Continue reading

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Live long and prosper.

One of the tricks to maintain one’s sanity is to keep busy. The day I became a stay-at-home-girlfriend, I was fairly certain that I would enjoy a more laid back lifestyle.  I was wrong.  Like I’ve said countless times before, … Continue reading

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Dear God please make me hate cheese….

I know it’s not very feminist of me to admit this, but I like being a Hausfrau. In my newest role of stay at home girlfriend, I have found that my time is way better spent finding ways to improve … Continue reading

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Simple and delicious

One of the things I love most about being a part of a veggie club, is that it forces me to get creative with the fruits/veggies I get in the amount I get them. On my last pick up I … Continue reading

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