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The ways I’ve been wrong.

It’s gotta suck to be Ashley Judd these days. Though I am not going to lie, it sucks to be me most days and it probably sucks to be most females in general every day of the week. I have … Continue reading

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On women’s day…

This morning I sent out a tweet that I intended to be my sole acknowledgement and commentary regarding women’s day. It said: “Every day should be women’s day.” As I sat on the steps near the Alamo and caught up … Continue reading

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Dear God please make me hate cheese….

I know it’s not very feminist of me to admit this, but I like being a Hausfrau. In my newest role of stay at home girlfriend, I have found that my time is way better spent finding ways to improve … Continue reading

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My right to exist

I am tired of nonsense like Planned Parenthood losing financial backing from the Susan G. Komen foundation because of abortion politics. I am tired of stupid people like Santorum thinking that there should be a bright side to rape if … Continue reading

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