About Me

Hi. My name is Ana MacLeod.

I started this blog at around the time Hugh and I first moved in together. We were living in Miami Beach.  It was a good time.

On April 6, 2013 (2 years after our first date) we tied the knot in a lovely little ceremony surrounded by our nearest and dearest.  At around this time we decided to move to midtown Miami.

On December 18, 2014 we became parents to the most awesome little girl ever.  We named her Fiona.  For a little person she sure took up a lot of space so we packed our bags and moved to Coral Gables.

Turns out that wasn’t enough space so we no longer live in Miami.  Now we live in Raleigh, NC. 🙂

This is no longer me trying to figure it out or trying to make life work. These are my adventures as I experience life as part of something bigger than just me.

This is life according to Mrs. MacLeod 🙂




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