I want my tree!

Before Hugh left to Boston I told him that I would finally take down our Christmas tree. The plan had been to take it down last weekend but that’s when I started getting sick so that didn’t work out.  I also didn’t really want to take it down.  I still don’t.

I’ve been known to keep Christmas trees up until like Easter…

By now I thought I’d be better.  I actually thought I had gotten better but I didn’t and I’m back in bed.  Well, not really in bed…more like on the couch with my blankie but whatever. Anyway, the tree remains in the same exact place it was the day Hugh left, and what’s more, I turned on the lights and have been sitting here looking at it probably about as long as I’ve been home.

It makes me happy.

I really don’t think that the tree or the ornaments will be gone by the time Hugh comes back.   To be completely honest, I think some negotiation might be in order because I am not ready to take down our tree that still smells so good (or at least it did before I got sick, I wouldn’t know these days) and has been my only companion this past week.

Christmas has been over for nearly a month.  I know. But I don’t want to have to wait 11 months to once again be able to look at something that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. Something that makes me smile. I love Christmas.  All of it.  That is my second favorite holiday after my birthday!

But more than that, I like to look at it and know that this tree was probably the first thing we got that made this space really feel like a home.

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2 Responses to I want my tree!

  1. I love Christmas trees too – my folks always bought us a real one. I think the best part is possibly the lights (besides the decorating)…maybe that’s what you would miss? So in my apartment in London I have these beautiful lights that wind around some tall windy pieces of wood that stand tall in a glass jar/vase. The lights make me feel happy and they are on every evening. Maybe try that?

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