Live long and prosper.

One of the tricks to maintain one’s sanity is to keep busy.

The day I became a stay-at-home-girlfriend, I was fairly certain that I would enjoy a more laid back lifestyle.  I was wrong.  Like I’ve said countless times before, too much relaxation causes stress and sometimes I find myself stressed out because I have nothing to be stressed about.  The time I spent in Texas was certainly good for my mental health but as I settle back into my every day life, I am getting antsy.

This past Monday Hugh and I started the clean program. I love this detox.  Not only is it great for the body, it is great for the mind. Maybe it’s the lack of toxins and allergens, but I find that in leading my body on the path back to health, I end up finding a greater mental clarity.   It is easy to know what you need to do when you are already doing the right thing.

Lately it has become increasingly important to me to feel useful.  Not only at home but also in life.  I feel my happiest when I put my skills to use, if only to lead a life of wellness, philanthropy, community, and educational pursuits, which is how I live most of my life. Still, these days I have started to search for professional endeavors I can be excited about.  It is such an amazing time to be out doing things!

We’ll see how that progresses.

In other news, I joined the Miami Food Blogger team for the Great American Bake Sale to help end childhood hunger.  I know that I am not a food blogger but I really do like to cook and bake and I think this is a great  cause where I can join friends and fellow Miami bloggers in making a difference.  If you can, I urge you to contribute.

It’s kinda funny that I write about a bake sale on the same post where I write about the importance of detox. However, despite good health and occasional clarity, I do not enjoy good memory…

Anyway, it’s time for dinner: Beet-carrot-lime-apple-cucumber-celery-ginger juice.


Until next time!

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