Annush in the desert…


The first time I came to Texas will be a year ago this March.

Back then, I was shocked and amazed by how cold it was.  It never occurred to me that the temperature could drop so drastically in the Texan desert, and it didn’t help that Hugh didn’t prepare me for what to expect.  I got here with nothing but a light sweater to face 40 degree weather for a week.

This time around I was better prepared.740749_10152405418370061_1012515588_o

Actually, I was obsessive about my packing to the point that I am a vision in knits. Still, it never occurred to me that the temperature could (and would) drop to 20 degrees and that it would indeed snow; so here I am, facing below freezing temperatures without boots or a pair of gloves.

I think God likes to laugh at me and my “planning”.


For the next six weeks, I am trading my beloved causeway in Miami Beach for the Texan desert.  During this time,  I intend to do some long distance wedding planning and hopefully complete a project I have put off long enough: my book.

This year there will be a lot of big changes in my life (there have been many big changes already) so it seems fitting that I tie all the loose ends and finish all the projects that at one point were important enough to start, and begin dreaming new dreams.

I really am very optimistic about 2013 and the future in general…

I hope you are too.

Happy new year.



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