Love Drunk


Hugh and I love to go out on dates.  In fact, we love dates so much that we don’t waste an opportunity to sneak one in if the conditions are favorable (and by favorable I mean, neither of us is physically/ mentally exhausted).

But last night was different.

I spent all day yesterday going back and forth between the Social Good Summit and the Social Media Week events that were scheduled for yesterday.  Hugh was working all day and participated in a panel on “Design as a Tool for Social Change”.  By the time we got home, we were wrecked.  It took all the energy we had left to go to the Social Media Week reception that was scheduled for the evening. I didn’t really want to go but I’m so glad we did!

After the reception we ended up at Sushi Samba and had an amazing date!

In fact, it was so amazing that this morning I woke up with that not so amazing feeling that makes one need comfort food (or in my case comfort iced lattes) and a bed.

I cancelled most of my commitments for the day and have spent the day in recovery mode dedicated to catching up on everything that’s been happening while I have been otherwise engaged….

  1. It’s been raining cats and dogs.
  2. The lovely Olee informed us that Bocce Bar got a new chef and a new menu.  This had me nearly in tears until because the old menu was very “Annush friendly”  and the food was always on point.  Apparently the new chef is Southern so the menu has more meat than it used to. But it appears I can still eat there.
  3. But on the upside, Ari and Dani gave us a heads up about Pubbelly going vegan on October 2.  At first I couldn’t believe it, but it’s true! My poor mom…her birthday is October 2 and we are taking her out to dinner.  I hope she won’t notice the lack of meat on her plate 🙂
  4. Emma Watson gave an amazing speech in front of the United Nations a few days ago to launch #heforshe.  You must watch it!!!  This is definitely one of the  conversations we as a society need to be having.
  5. There may or may not be a woman in Florida with three breasts.

Now I need a nap.

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1 Response to Love Drunk

  1. Ari Kane says:

    You are toooo cute!!!!!

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